The slide projection "Obscurity – Kiev Version" consists of 81 black and white slides which were projected onto a black (negative) surface. The pictures, all of them taken in suburbs and in the centre of Kiev, show everyday situations in public-space: private pictures taken in apartments, empty plains covered with snow, groups od people in conversation, but also historic buildings which were the scene of famous rebellions during the Russian revolution. They are interrupted by short text-fragments out of a laconic conversation, dealing with the question of power structures:

"What have you lost?"
"What is this obscurity?"
"Ask rather, what is a government."
"A group of people who govern."
"No, he said with a pale smile."
"A government is your accepting to let yourself be governed."

"But that’s ridiculous."
"That would mean there is nothing up there."
"Nothing at all."
"Is that obscurity?"

2006, slide projection, 80 slides, b/w, ca. 8 min, no sound.