The installation "Spirit" consists of three formally very different videos of very different length. In "Spirit: Interviews," Florian Zeyfang talkes with film / video makers and artists about the exchange between the cultural scenes in East and West over the last decades. A particular aspect is the experimental film, or the idea of ​​an "avant-garde" and the interpretation of these two terms. We hear Vivan Sundaram, painter and video maker, sharing his experience with the film co-ops in London in the 1960s. Madhushree Dutta, filmmaker and activist, describes her perception of Indian avant-garde films, as well as the production of a video game has changed their view of "internationalism". Shuddhabrata Sengupta, Member of Rakhs Media Collective, talks about filmmaking after filmmaking, across borders and global exchange.

"Spirit: Moving" and "Spirit: 1000 Images" are visual collections, placed next to the interviews in strict separation. "Spirit: Moving" shows movement, sometimes slow, sometimes very quickly, accompanied by the low and loud sounds. The images remain elusive in an almost abstract way - like the movements and perceptions in a foreign context. "Spirit: 1000 Images" takes up the concept of motion again in the sequence of still images: Documentary and diary, they show further encounters with the cartoonist Sarnath Bannerjee, or with the filmmaker Onir on the set of his latest Bollywood movie.

Between the three channels, and throughout the asynchronous play mode, formal and content relations appear and disappear constantly, but the images and sounds never meet in the same way twice.

2006 3-channel-Installation, SDvideo/digital photography
DVD 1 Spirit
Loop, 13 min, 2006
DVD 2 Spirit: Interviews (Pt. 1)
Loop, 60 min., 2006
DVD 3 Spirit: 1000 Images
Loop, 42 min, 2006