Horizons is part of the exhibition project »Slow Narration Moving Still«, presented at Bildmuseet Umeå February through May 2009.

The video/installation Horizons is composed of 10 chapters, where a camera pans in still images vertically over a painting by C.V. Lundberg, depicting a Swedish harbour in 1892. Each chapter closes with black and white photographs, alternating between images from the Västerbotten Fotoarchiv (Umeå) showing lake views and ship cruises, and found footage from all over the world of merchant ships and people on migration routes. In the original installation, the painting itself is placed in close relation to the projection.

The web-based version of this video, developed with Erik Stein, translates the »slowness« of the original piece for the internet.


By choosing the navigable web version of Horizons, the loop will start. Through the navigation- and information panel to the right, the chapters of the film and inside them, the single frames can be selected. Each image is indicated in a single website.