"The Dispossessed" shows pictures of unfamiliar buildings, combined with textual fragments of a (sociopolitical) science-fiction text and the (anarchistic) societal and private relationships described in this text. The pictures represent the buildings of the different institutes of the National Schools of Art in Havana, Cuba. Shown during the time of construction, their experimental architecture represent the first euphoric years of the revolution, and a dynamic that had to give way to a more and more ideological conformity as from 1965. The images are represented on the pages of a book, loading them with a more distanced, historic component.

These images are complemented by pictures of leather shoes, corals, turtles, and objects of “cult rituals” – goods liable to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), and photographed on airports – as well as abstract compositions. Zeyfang´s piece describes the departure into an imaginary society at an imaginary place, triggered by projections of realms free of power structures and the accompanying private and political consequences. It is a glance into the desire projections that have nearly disappeared and taken o their own historic afterlife. (Text by Anja Nathan-Dorn, Kunstverein Köln, 2008)

All Images Florian Zeyfang, sources: studio Zeyfang / airport Bilbao / publication "Revolution of Forms. Cuba’s Forgotten Art Schools" by John A. Loomis (1999), text source: The Dispossessed by Ursula LeGuin (1974)

D 2008 80 Dias/Slides, ca. 8 min